Talent Acquisition

Delta international Recruitment agency RWP/3131 is registered and authorized recruitment agency which is part of DELTA SERVICES PVT . We are a recognized recruitment agency from government authorities to provide talent acquisition services to notional and international clients. Having the best qualified recruitment specialists along with custom developed software and IT infrastructure entitled us to serve our clients with spot on recruitment services as well as providing jobseekers with platform to avail attractive job opportunities worldwide. Our mission is to simplify recruitment process without compromising on quality, accommodating fast pace modern business environment which cannot succeed without appropriate talented human resources.

Finding the right human resource is crucial and challenging particularly if you don’t have the right resoruces. Thus, we launched sophisticated yet user friendly interface CRM system though which sourcing, screening, processing huge number of applicants, connecting employers and jobseekers in efficient manner. Jobseekers can apply easily for job opportunities and receive notification about the status of their application along with new job openings and newsletter notification. Our database contain quality candidate portfolios from semi-skilled. skilled and professional categories across all industries. Clients can access our database and monitor candidate’s status by using our cloud-based system ensuring transparency throughout the recruitment process.

We provide Human Resources management solutions with our highly qualified faculty and latest educational techniques. We conduct training and development programs for existing client employees and future hire. Courses range from self-development to organizational behavior, practical technical workshop, languages and another related programs. We also provide onboarding induction seminars explaining company culture, workplace, vision, mission, methodology, client’s expectation from their new employees and employee’s obligation toward their employer. Our aim is to enhance employer and employee engagement ensuring that whole organization are working as motivated harmonized entity towards their goal.

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